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Why do we need backpack for traveling

Do you like travelling? Are you confusing to choose which suitable bag type? A bag that is comfortable to use is of course or exactly needed by anyone who wants to travel. Backpack is already known for a long time as one type of bags that is comfortable to use for various activities. Working with a backpack will give comfortable experience as well as good impression. The use of backpack is also recommended since most backpacks are designed specifically for use in extreme activities such as rock climbing to exercise or mountain biking.

Backpacks for travel

Advantages of using backpack

Once you have determined the choice to buy a backpack for carrying out various activities, you will gain an advantage or it is better to be called ease of its use. Using a backpack for studying at school, for example, your child can easily carry various types of items needed for school activities such as textbooks, stationery, or even a laptop. You can perform a variety of activities easier and more fun. Choosing a backpack can also be the right choice for those who crave a bag with a myriad of quality.

Buying backpack can also be done in various ways. You can visit many shops available that sell a variety of backpacks or you can buy online. Choosing carefully the type of backpack to accompany yourself in the move is also one that is very important in maintaining your health, especially the health of your bones. Some studies claim that mistake in using backpacks is one of popular causes of backbone disorders. Try consulting doctor if you have such backbone disorder.

Reasons of why we should choose backpack instead of using other bag types

Why should you choose backpack? In spite of explanations above, by using backpack, you can carry up various types of goods in considerable amounts. You can also use backpack to carry up goods with a fairly large size like laptop or other items.

In general, by choosing backpack, you can perform such efficiency as you can use only 1 backpack to carry various types of goods rather than using few bags. Most backpacks are made of stronger materials than what owned by other bag types as the main purpose of backpack making is to carry goods in larger amount compared with other bag types.

Which suitable backpack types to use in traveling

Like other bag kinds, backpacks can be divided into a few types, but only some of them are suitable to use in far away traveling. We will focus on two types:

  • Camera bodypack
    The camera bodypack is designed for protecting camera and its equipments from water. The camera bodypack is made of special materials performing waterproof feature, resistant to pressure, shock, and water. This type is commonly used by professional travelers all over the world.
  • Full bodypack
    We are now talking about the second one, the full bodypack. This type is exactly such general type of backpack. The full bodypack basically serves all aspects of carrying goods. What I mean is this type can be used to carry up clothes, foods, laptop and its components, cooking utensils, and so forth. What distinguishing between it and camera bodypack is the materials used. Most full bodypack use common materials used for bags, not as strong as the camera bodypack.

In conclusion, it is better for us to choose backpack in most of our activities, especially for traveling, but we should be careful to choose one more which suitable type to use. If we bring some special camera equipments, then we should use camera bodypack that is equipped with more powerful protection.

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Make Your First Business Travel Be Smooth In Several Steps!

Any big company and senior executives could face the abroad business trips for often. To perform well in the work you do, a safe flight and smooth travel experience can help a lot. It is time for you – businessmen and businesswomen to learn tips of making your trip smooth.

The global development of international trade make the working world smaller. Even abroad business opportunities can be given to new junior employees. Although you are a frequent business traveler or have any chance of going abroad in the future, this article is really for you!

Arrange all the things

For the novices, you had better aware that there are 2 main classifications of all bringing things: one is for working purpose, and the other for personal things.


Sort Things Out

For first timers, it is best to be aware that you have two major classifications of the things that you will be bringing. One is your work-related things and the other one is your personal stuff.

That is the reason why the light carryon luggage, or multi pocket is often chosen to save the space.

Organize you stuff

It is really important to organize everything for a business travel, and even more difficult is protecting from its places. Laptop, frash drive, calculators, like… Create a travel list so that you can check all the devices before traveling.

You must record all the business cards you receive, all about we have to do is waiting for being bumped in the airpost lobby, or just be realdy for plane matt.

Keeping in touch consistently with the business partners is very important. Check the batteries with it lifespan to be sure that you can not miss any correspondences and instructions.

Be aware of your budget

If your trip is offered by the office executives, that means you have to prepare all of things from reservation and transportation… please take care of yourself good. Some best flight or hotel deals in Europe and Asia are available. You can search on the facebook or some good online websites..

If you want to look for the whole package team deals, pthe romotion flights or a reasonable-priced for hostel. Just ask to know whether the published rates are inclusive of applicable taxex or not. Keep on learning about rates of check-ins at late night to add up in your travel budget.

Be prepared

Clothings with formal colors, such as black, dark brown, white or gray are just for a personal belongings, but they are really fit the working atmophere. Beside your personal belongings, make sure that everything is well wrapped. Mixing and matching clothing are very popular these days, especially when you work abroad, your foreign look at very high level. Just be confident when presenting.

The first impression can really work for the first time you see them. As a first business travellers. you should be much more careful. Moreover, remember to bring your medicines, which can protect you well when anything related to your health happen. That will shorten the time for you to wander around and around, learning to use the foreign medicines…


Zip-lock plastics are much required for wrapping liquid things, such as gels, right in array of toiletries, … because it is compulsory in the airports. Slip-on shoes are prefered, for not making us tie and untie the laceshoes all the times, even during the security choecks.

Abroad working can be a bunch of hardwork. Good skills of travelling can help you a lot, and prevent from the bad problems happening that can affect the results. Maybe this is just a start for a big world at experience, it can be a very good and smooth start. You must be confident or something.

How To Choose A Good Destination?

There is no traveler that is like another. That is because, human beings are all different. We are made to have varied personalities, hobbies, financial statuses, levels of satisfaction… Something may work for one, but is not effective to the others. All make me create a questionaires for you to answer, before choosing any destination to go.


Let’s ask yourself these questions:

  • Which places or regions interest you and what are the reasons?
  • How long do you intend to travel, for examples one week, one month or just one day?
  • How much is your intended budget fot the trip?
  • Traveling alone or in a group attract you more?
  • How do you desire to enjoy your traveling? Hotels or hostels, resorts or camping etc?

The questions above are really necessary for you to consider the serious answers. They can help you to make sure that you deserve your rewarding travel experience.

Also, you need to learn about the local economy, all about exchange rates and bank systems of the place, and how long can your ATM be exchanged? The money exchanging charges can be more expensive in the destination, so please be careful and predictable about them.

We would like to give you some more tips, as the followings:

  • Your accommodation place is supposed to be fixed beforehand. However, if it can not meet your expectations, you can leave them flexibly. Just try to find the fine one.
  • Ask your friends about some good tips, and recommends, you will discover very much interesting things.
  • Who else does not belive that,  costs are not always about “Spend a Longer Amount of Time in Fewer Places” – You can incidate this insight.
  • Balancing the fee is a very improtant. Some times, I want to a very luxurious destination. However, we have to choose a right place that is suitable for your budget.
  • Must-do list is proved to be necessary all time, and promise to follow them, in case you will distract from our first goals.
  • Ask some tips from the locals to know more about your destination.


Consider the more tips if you want.

  • Use a DIY motobike instead.
  • Wrap up all the necessary clothings and medicines.
  • Walking around town taking photos.
  • Focus on the promotions like sales…
  • A bike might be more convenient for you.
  • Clim the top mountain to see from a high place.

And of course, enjoy your best travel experience ever!

If you have money, just try to find a very good accommodation with equipped facilities… If you like venturous ideas, think about climbing or camping in a nature sites. However, if your bugdet is thinner, than you should find another back up plan for a new destination.

Sometimes the cash is deficient, just shorten your plans because you don’t want to experience long days by days with walking and have nothing much left to spend? Or try to find out a hostel with the low prices.

Good destination can totally effect your quality of travelling. Thank you for your reading, and hope that these are useful enough for you about your choosing destinations and so on…

What is the best kind of travel experience you could have?

We must have some, or even a lot of travel experience in our lives. However, have you ever wonder yourself, what is the best kind of travel experience? This article is simply to answer that question.

Firstly, I have to say that, the answer can be variable, because we are all different. Our tastes, personalities, hobbies, lifestyles… are different, then we can not require the same responses.

However, if you get to think about it more and more, you will see there are some criteria that people have in common. For instance, do you want to be boasted and exaggerate something about your travelling to others?


Can you feel free to recommend some places or something to do to the others for their holiday trips? It can remind you of something really unique and unforgettable.

And when you are really into helping other people tell your stories, and when you try to explain to them with your vacations, or business trips also, you will see a wide selection of thoughts and memories come up to your mind.

They can be your sincere wonderment for the first time you see a new building or a strange site. Something in the Taj Mahal can make you feel impossible to describe, or the way you walked in the giant’s feet, with standing on the first tee of the Oild Course, St Andrews, Scotland.

Each one can definitely have the chance to experience all the moments that we met. Even something simple as you can never ever thought before, as watching a nice Hong Kong dawn from its harbour, or hustling in a big crowd in Twickenham, to see an interesting rugby game.

However, there are actually some chances, that your memories are just the epic train journey, or being followed by  local strangers, and they treated so well to make you feel the family atmosphere, or help you to soak in the hot of sulphur mud bath. The best part is, we really can share expecience together.

There could be simple as just a treble voice in soaring Calendar In Sout America, or a very attractive ethnical dance. that stick in my heads a lot.


Emotion is something I want to tell you about the experience. You can cry at first sight of Pyramids hay Mount Everest scenes, but let’smike until you can do what you need. No one can really predict you will have what kinds of future experience you may have, but you can say about your kind of effect on.

This is some of the ways to answer to that questions. The thing is, how to create yourself from a small journey is a big problems to now. However, if you see a particularly, hence the difficult the journey makers had better not.

Let’s say that you are really lucky enough to have a memorable experience, you can also find out some good answers from those who travel a lot. They can really help you, if you do not want to get risks or being cheated anymore.

What makes your travel experience special?

There are generally two things that people want to get when they have holiday time, that are doing the sightseeing, and have some unique travel experience in life. What is unique travel experience? It is about learning or feeling the differences in the culture gap, which is not easily able to access in your hometown.

Learn about the people

When meeting the local residents, you will see that they are really different way in thinking and living. Sometimes it can be very interest. Try to approach them as near as possible. Maybe you make friends of them, or take it as a good chance if by chance, you have any local friends and are invited to their home. You can learn something real about the other cultures, which can attribute to your knowlege a lot.

Know the local sites

In a foreign place you can discover the country, the city which you have never known before. You can go to the main tourist ares, or discover some good places that the locals introduce. You can be suprised by some amazing scenes or historic spots, and learn a lot from our beautiful earth. Enjoy the experience that you can only see a few times in your life because of distance.

Go out of tourist spots

It is difficult somehow, but if you can, it can be one of the most memorable venture in your life ever! Try not to be sticked to some familiar places that is heavily exploited for tourism. The unique thing is just referred to these kinds of experience, and they are always the best part of travel. You can ask your local friends or do research on the internet. However, internet can lead you to famous or major sites. Let’s adjust the search terms, with the word weird, strange, unique, only,… You can by chance connect to the sources of new discovered tourist place list, that can come up with your expectations.


Travel in a different tourism season

There are some places that you have visited many times. Now try to renew your experience by traveling out of season. For example, the city is famous for winter holiday season, come to there in summer. You will likely discover a new side of it. It is funny that representative pictures of a site are all about a famous particular season. If searching Nha Trang you will the the whole beach scenes with beautiful sunshine. Never see the winter background? Go for it. Let’s see what a place can be felt in varied way, and you will probably realize that it can be even more interesting and impressive.

Have experience on your own

Where to easily find the information and guides for a holiday tour? It must be travel agents or tour guiders. No, to seek a very unique experience, you should ask the local people. Sometimes the tour holder or tour agents can cooperate with food or travel service, and they are like in chains of a organizing system. What you are showed or introduced is not 100% the truth. Do not hesitate to ask the local, about the famous restaurants, some good accommodation or even good sites to see.


Finish your homework

Berfore going out for a travelling, you should do a “homework“- means to search more information and consult the prestigeous travelling websites and blogs, or just simply ask a friend who is expert in traveling. Make sure that nothing will be made in your tour, or good place is overlooked, because in some cases you just be able to be there for one time in your life! Also never forget to bring full set of clothing, tool and a good camera. Good preparation helps to make a traveling more than wonderful.

In the end, make sure all the things mentioned above is considered well, and you can make your travel become special and unique than ever before.

Remember Those Things Before Go Out For A Trip

Human is instincly curious. They are about asking quesions for all time, and helps to change the lives a lot. By only sitting in one place, you can know everything from Viet Nam to USA, by the power of Internet. Totally approve of the idea of using high technology for your learning, however, some knowledge online is not fully sufficient. You must experience yourself to be able to learn about the whole world. That why we should travel much more.


Here under are some good tips for travel beginners, who have no experience and want to know more.

  • A site or place is not 100% full with crowd all the year round. Before decide to book a tourist tour, remember to learn about its most rushing season. If you do not want to be pressed by tons of people, pre-searching is really vital for that.
  • Choose the proper transportations. If you have your own car or motobike, just leverage it. It will allow you to freely roam around and around. If you want to go for a long trip, with reduced price, train is another suggested solution. Always remember to keep your package safely by yourselves, with any form of travel. You can ask the trvael agencies or check on the internet of the vehicle schedule, or other relevant issues. Ensure that you can be in the most comfortable status.
  • You should be well aware of the weather of the intended place. Then pick the right clothing for your trip. If it is cold, take lots of warm clothes, or with hot temperature, bring more comfortable and casual clothes.
  • Decide your accommodations even before you go! You are surely supposed not to want to waste your time in the very poor hotel.
    Check all particulars enclosed with the destination place, such as price, facilities, quality, security… on the internet, or if possible, have a local friend find it and book some rooms for you. One of the most common forms is guest houses or hostels, vacation rentals, so we could feel secure about the prices. However, if it is affordable for you, just go on with hotels. Consider your conditions to choose whatever you want.
  • Good financial basis can actually help you a lot. Any bad luck can happen on the half way. You may need money to manage to that problem. Also, you always need extra cash to be with you 24/24, in case facilities of ATM booth, bank… are unavailabe, or you need urgent money.


  • Health is a big issue too. If you do not have sufficient health condition, just wait until you are ready. In case you are so much eager, or in a dilemma, remember to bring enough medicines and equipments that can help you. If you get sick when on travelling, be sure that you have learn enough about the local medicines before bringing them home.
  • Make a list of destination that you think you MUST go watching. Be sure that you will not miss anything important or any precious place. Prior awareness of intended places list can help us more enthusiastic.
  • Predict how long you are going to stay there. The whole action plan of the journey depends on this.

These are not all of tips, but I hope that some extremely basic things like this are enough for you to remember. Wish you have memorable travel experience in your life without facing too many troubles.

Learn some tips for better future travel experience.

People have a lot forms of relaxing and entertaining to make their life more enjoyable and colorful. They have so many choices in fact: watch movies, go to parties, go for plays or join music show. Whatever kind of them will have an own value and meaning to a certain person. But one of the most meaningful and enjoyable forms must be travel time with family or friends.

Travelling can be good for you because you can experience yourself with memorable lessions, in a very entertaining and relaxing and informative way. It helps you to grow up faster. One of the easiest way to help you learn about our world, I promise. There is no traveler that have nothing such as a good lession for life to tell. That’s why we can say, travelling can make a man more responable with others, and with the community.

Fun can be gained from traveling, also with the knowledge. You can be educated or enriched in cultures, historic sites, geographics detail or people’s lives. While other choose ti grow up in reading and listening about the whole world, experiencing by yourselves can make you a different and effective travel. There is always a big gap between life and books. Books, I mean, include leaflet or tourism guides too. They will suggest you, sometimes, with places that are beneficial for them.


You had better ask the local residents, for knowing a good place to go, a good hostel to live and famous restaurant to taste. Of course, your feelings and learning is not like some others, but you can actually take more than any narration anyone ever tell you. Even if books can not describe all of the vivid life, for some places you can never know about it, reading about it first is better. Sometimes you need to search in the internet to find more updated information, in case you have no one to consult from.

While visiting a tourism spot, what a good thing is you can always make a new friends, chat with locals or have some surprising lunches with somebody else. In fact, a lot of people can have a very consistant relationship worldwise.

For the first time to experience traveling time, do not worry much about the best places for hangouts or the qualified hotel booking. Prepare it before performing by asking your friend, or search on the internet. You can immediately have guides when traveling, by asking the residents for help. Remember to know and learn from their culture for not making rude gestures or misunderstanding with them. For example, in my case, the boss showed me a very long list of must-go places, also the details relevent.

I remember who said the word with meaning ” The world is like a book. The people who do not read are just like blank page. And it is the truth. There is nowhere can be like the travel sites you have. Even more, it seems like the most wonderful venture that you could have ever made! Another tip to be remember is well preparation. Sometimes it can decide your tour is good or bad.


In the end, there is a lot of suggestions or recommendations for you to consult, but as I said, the key is your own experience. And financial issues are very hot issues in these cases. Try to bring a lot of money for preparation. Let’s try to find out more sources of information, for example websites or blogs as well. Information is really important, and can be your closest belonging to be brought in other countries. Hopefully, you can learn something and have a really nice trip with your children and your friends.

Growing high-end travel to India

A look at the increase in the foreign tourist arrivals and the foreign exchange earnings reveals that, when it comes to top-end luxury travellers, India is a popular destination. TRAVTALK spoke to the leading destination management companies in India to get a sense of the ongoing evolution in the top-end luxury market.


The top-end luxury market is a coveted segment, wherein clients strive for out of the world unique experiences than haggling for additional benefits. While all stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry wish to garner a bigger slice in this market; the leading destination management companies have mastered the art of luring such high-end luxury travellers to the Indian shores. Here are the key insights, the leaders at distinct National award winning DMCs have on tapping the right note in the top-end luxury market.

Key to luring high-end luxury clients

According to Arjun Sharma, Managing Director, LPTI and TUI India, “The Luxury Trains of India offer the complete experience in natural surroundings; Spa & Wellness treatments are one of the most unique and life changing experiences that attract people for its effective therapies and various rejuvenation programmes. Spa Resorts like Ananda in the Himalayas help us create, such experiences, for the high-end clients. The Royal Indian living experience in Palace properties like Taj Luxury Palace Hotels, mix well with the culture, heritage and history of India, to give the high-end travellers, a ‘wow’ experience.”

Here, Vikram Madhok, Managing Director, Abercrombie & Kent India believes that India is an enigma for the world and people wonder, the manner in which, over 1.2 billion people co-exist happily. Moreover, the resilient India growth story is built on the curiosity and yearning to explore Incredible India, which has also been marketed well across the leading source markets. Moreover, India has to offer world-class tourist attractions, which includes out of the world palaces and villas that serve the unique requirements of the high-end tourists. The positive press reports also played its role in building a positive image.

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Russians love long-haul travel to India

Veda Travels, the travel company in Russia that specialises in the rapidly-increasing Russian market to India, recently hosted a lunch for Subodh Kant Sahai, Union Minister for Tourism, Government of India in Moscow during his recent trip there to attend the important Leisure 2011 Exhibition.

“We had a 30 per cent increase in Russian tourists to India last year and can easily predict the same growth this year,” said Chandan Kumar, Managing Director, Veda Travels.

“We are excited about the Minister’s announcement to start a new tourism office in Moscow this year as we have been asking for this since the last 10 years!” said Kumar.

Kumar informed that Goa was the most popular destination for the Russian tourists in India. He admitted that Goa had been ‘over-promoted’ and the connections were not very good, which is why the Russians could travel only by chartered flights.

“That’s why we are looking for ‘new’ Indian destinations to promote to the Russians,” he said. He mentioned that since the last two years, Kerala had become popular with the Russians.

“They enjoy the beaches there and the ayurvedic massages. I’ve been talking to the Kerala Tourism department to support us with chartered flights and I hope they respond. Every new destination takes time to take off and we would like to work on Kerala at the moment,” he stated.

He said that they were also looking at Orissa and Chennai. “I think that the Russians would love the beaches and temples there.”

But he admitted that the shortage of hotels was a big problem in these destinations. “As the Tourism Minister said in Moscow, we urgently need more hotels in India.”

Kumar further added that the Russians did not go to the ‘regular’ Indian destinations like Delhi, Agra or Jaipur, because the road connections to these places were not good. “The Russian tourists like to take long holidays like for one to two weeks, which is why they prefer to be in one place where they can get it all, good hotels, roads, sightseeing, relaxation, entertainment, etc.,” he said.

He stated that on an average, a Russian spends as much as $ 1,000 a day, for a 7-day trip.

Kumar informed that he had been living in Moscow for nearly two decades and gained all his travel experience from their first company, ‘Caravan Travels’, which promoted destinations around the world.

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First Dairy

This last week, in India, I visited six cities in seven days: Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Calcutta and New Delhi. This is my 11th trip to India and from the very beginning the signs were good. For a start, the temperature on arrival in Mumbai was a cool 22 degrees and I was told it had rained for the past two days, though I’ve actually never seen rain in Mumbai before. Because of a new eight-lane highway, we got from the airport to the Taj Hotel in the city centre in just 40 minutes, despite a minor hold-up. As the car was idling in a traffic jam, a young boy who couldn’t have been more than six or seven tapped on my car window. He was holding a pile of books. I wound the window down, and he asked: ‘Would you like the latest Jeffrey Archer?’ I smiled and told him, ‘I am the latest Jeffrey Archer.’ It seems that an enterprising Indian picks up all the latest bestsellers from Heathrow the day you are published and takes them to India. They’re for sale on the streets of Mumbai three days later at half the price.

Had dinner with my hosts from the Crossword Bookstores, before rushing up to my room to watch England play Ireland in Dublin. I was so pleased that the hotel was showing the match on channel 37, although I did have a back-up plan–to find an Irish pub in Mumbai. There’s an Irish pub in every city on earth. I was so tired I fell asleep during the second half, only to wake up and find out we’d been trounced.

At breakfast with Ronnie Screwvala, the former MD of Disney India, we discussed the possibility of a joint deal to produce the ‘Clifton Chronicles’ for a television series. He warned me that English period dramas, such as Downton Abbey, didn’t do very well in India because Bollywood dominated the market. We also discussed how Kane and Abel had been stolen by Bollywood without them even bothering to approach me or my agent. Another interesting fact from our conversation: there are now fewer Chinese and Russian villains in modern films, because those two countries are such important markets for Hollywood–the new villains all come from North Korea.

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